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Event in Brazilian Ghetto – Sunday, July 22

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Maybe you have heard of or seen the movie, “City of God” about one of the worst Favelas in Brazil. Normally it is very dangerous to go in or out but we got the opportunity to work with a group who had permission from the gang to put on a party there. It was an incredible experience. There were massive piles of trash on the roads leading to it which they deliberately put there to keep the police out, so we couldn’t drive in but had to walk and carry all our equipment and props in to the Favela. As we were unloading our van, a military truck approached, full of army soldiers with machine guns. I was talking to these two little boys and when they say the army, they started crying and asking me to keep them safe. It broke my heart to touch their reality that when they see police, they know violence and war can break out as the police invade to combat the gangs and drug trafficking. There were gang members with machine guns standing by and it was tense until the army trucks passed by. A guy told me that every few days there are bullets flying.

We shared a special time with these people and brought them laughter and a special show in the middle of their suffering. There is no other hope but that of eternal life and the love of Christ Jesus.

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