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February 4th – Severe Flooding

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Today is my dads birthday and we had two events scheduled, however we had to reschedule them because the street out our door was completely flooded as was the only road to reach our destination. The power was out for a while so no fans or fridge, but don’t worry, eventually ONE guy with flip flops on showed up to fix the power for 250,000 people. Oh yeah, this looks hopeful! The main power box is literally right below my window so every morning I got to watch (and hear) the fixing process. With a chisel, he eventually dug a hole into the side walk, then another guy showed up and they put a post in it, then they poured cement in as one of them moved their hand from left to right to indicate when it was level. So needless to say, the power here may come and go… forever:) DSC06162

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