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Friday, February 5th – Worst Prison in Southern Brazil

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When we came in with our all our equipment to perform, an entire swat team went in ahead of us with weapons drawn to sweep every area and cell, it was really incredible.

This prison is so far in the middle of nowhere that most of the prisoners never get visitors. The conditions are horrendous. It is considered one of the most dangerous in the region and when we first approached the director, he said there was no way we would be allowed to get in because they could not secure our safety.  After a long time of explaining to him what we do, who we are and by the mercy of God, the director finally allowed us to enter.

The smell was so terrible because there is no system for the sewage. I know this can seem distant and irrelevant, but try to imagine if your brother, son or father had to deal with that every day. If you or I were born into another life, we could easily make a mistake that would result in us being where they are. No human being should have to live in these conditions, most dog shelters are in better shape. The prisoners looked so weak, thin and sick. Many were holding their heads from the dizzy feeling the mold gives you. A lot of these guys are in here for petty crimes and then once they are in they just disappear in broken “justice system”. God gave us the grace, wisdom and most of all compassion to reach these men with His mercy.

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