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Follow up visits in prisons – February 26th

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Its really awesome when it works out and we can go back to visit a previous prison. All the prisoners have had time to read the material we give out and think about all we shared and now they get the chance to ask us any questions and engage in conversation. We keep track of what of the acts, magic routines and dances we did the first time, and do all new things the next time so they get a whole new show.

My sisters and I do one magic routine that is about time (obviously this is such a big issue for people in prison, especially those with long sentences). We use different tricks to communicate how time disappears and if we spend our time thinking about the past, or things we cannot change, we merely waste our time and keep ourselves living in the past. Time can trap us like a like a bird in a cage (we keep this theme through the routine). But if we invest our time to do deeper things, things that are important, like talking to the Father, loving each other, studying, thinking, then we can find a time beyond time. A time that is eternal. We make a bird cage appear that is empty. Then my sisters comes our with beautiful wings on as the “bird” free from time. Its hard to explain writing it out, but it communicates a lot and we perform it to a high energy rock type song the guys love.


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