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Prison in coastal city, Southern Brazil – February 28th

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When we were in this, we noticed right away that something was wrong. All the guys were unbelievably thin, way more than any other prisons we had been too.  They began to come up to us and ask us if we possibly had any food we could give them! It was just tragic. They explained they only got one meal a day and sometimes not even that. We could not figure everything out, but realized that there was some serious corruption going on between the gang leader, prison guards, and a huge (very evil) “church”. Anyway, long story short, it was getting late and was almost the hour when no one can go in our out, but we were able to leave, find a grocery store close by, and buy a lot of food to give them. We made it back a gave it directly to the guys so it could not get stolen. Its tough because we can’t really afford extra stuff like this, but in this case we just had to and we know the Lord always provides. We are going back to that same prison on Thursday, and I am going to try to see if I can get some food and fruit from the fruit market donated, as well as what we are going to bring.

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