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Friday, February 26th – Maximum security prison

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We had to ask permission from the prisoners in order to be allowed to go in. They of course have no idea who we are or what we are going to do. At first they assumed we were staff because we were dressed in black and did not want us to come in (we wear black uniforms simply because they hide sweat and dirt in the extreme heat.). After some explaining the head guy let us in and after about 30 min (of making them laugh and stumping them with magic) we had won them all. We were able to teach many things to these men. I will always remember talking one on one with a young man and seeing him grasp the thought of eternal life. That all he is dealing with now will be like a forgotten dream if he could come to know the Father. The prisoners were so considerate and made sure to keep us hydrated. One guy asked if there was any chance we had a pair of flip flops he could have since his were broken and the cement grounds got very hot. We did not but after we left we found a store on the way out that sold some and brought him back a few pairs. DSC06581

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