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Thursday, February 25th – Women’s prison 90km away

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The conditions at this women’s prion are better as in cleaner, but the prison is in a city way in the middle of no where and looks like an abandoned warehouse. Again, they never get visitors because they are so far out here and all the women are very sad and depressed. In the pictures you can see an act we do about soil and seeds. Certain soil is better than other soil for the cultivation of plants. There once was an island that burned to the ground but then from the ashes a vine grew that contained the sweetest grapes ever making a delicious wine. Certain conditions are required for seeds to grow. My brother and I do a type of magic routine while my sister shares about a seed. We use this to show them that even in a difficult situation like prison, they can grow and what seems like hard soil, could prove to be fruitful if they yield, and let their “seed” break. God uses suffering to break us and draw us closer to Him if we choose to yield, to be humble and to learn from Him.  We did multiply performances here to reach the majority of women. A lot of these women are serving very long sentences for being set up to traffic drugs as a way to make income to support their families. DSC06545DSC06571

The women on the right has has been in prison 17 years and has 24 more to serve.
She was forced into drug trafficking to feed her family and was never
even able to say goodbye to her five children.

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