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Friday, January 24th- Large School in Bogotá, 2 presentations each for over 400 kids.

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The schools here are different then the ones in the States as in all grades, from first all the way to twelfth grade attend the same school. So we have a crowd of a few hundred five to eight year old’s and a few hundred teenagers. This is a VERY challenging venue. We want to engage everybody and sow seeds into their young hearts and our performances is for all age groups but for example, there are all the little kids sitting in front who get so excited, can’t sit still, want to be held and touch everything that it is easy to lose the older kids. So we have to work hard to get the older kids to participate and engage as well because they are at the age were they will be making the choices for their lives.

Over all it was really blessed and I think a lot got in. We had a lot of fun with them, we all put on one of the costumes we have and did a choreographed dance in them. You had a lion, a frog, a pirate, a wizard, a dragon, a prince on stilts and a monkey all dancing choreographed moves. 

It was funny, after my mom does this dance with a caterpillar and a butterfly, we have these little wings we let maybe ten to fifteen kids wear and then we do a dance with them. We do it almost every presentation so it’s kind of habit. Well here there were a few HUNDRED little kids, who ALL wanted to fly like a butterfly. So as if in slow motion as my dad was thinking we would not do it and was ending, my brother starts choosing little kids, I was saying nooooo….dooonnt… dooo iiiittttt… it’s gonna be a disaster and in a blink ALL the little kids had me surrounded and wanted turns with wings and then wanted to be lifted in the air and spun around. It took a while to get it all sorted but it was worth it seeing their beautiful smiles.


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