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Thursday, January 23rd | A Military Rehabilitation center, Bogotá Colombia.

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A few years ago we had performed here at this base and they invited us back for a new group of soldiers who were in recovery. These men have had serious injuries from the war and the time they spend in the jungle chasing the drug lords of the FARC. Many have lost limbs due to land mines or have horrible infections from plants and bugs they encountered in the jungle.

The General told me that three days earlier he had been up in the jungle with a battalion of soldiers. They had stopped to take a break and set their back packs on the ground. When one of the soldiers picked up his back pack to head out, he had no idea it was sitting on a land mine. He lost his right eye and half his face and is now in the hospital recovering. The General telling me this was really shaken up by it. He had a hook for his left arm from also loosing it years ago because of a land mine.

This was one of my favorite performances we have done. Then men were so engaged and grateful. We have a silly act where a clown looses his ball to a dog (both parts played by my brothers) and then tried to think of a way to get it back. It sounds lame when I write, but it is hilarious and all these soldiers who have seen war, laughed like little boys. After we were done with the show and had spent time talking one on one with the men, the General took us in his office to thank us and give us little gifts that he had for us.




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