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Friday, January 29th – Severe Storm

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There was a massive horrible storm that hit here. It destroyed thousands of trees and buildings. The park where we performed (you can see it in the very top picture), looks like king kong walked through it (yes I know king kong is not real:). Every where there are huge thick trees that have been snapped in two. 300,000 people lost power and water. We had to buy drinking water and then fill buckets with rain water to wash and flush the toilet for awhile. The wind was hurricane force and in the center there was certain kind of tornado. We had a prison scheduled one morning but it had flooded so bad that we were not able to get there.  Days after the storm no effort had been made by the city to start to clear the roads or get power back. The government has abounded these people and its like because no one cares about them, they have also given up caring. Driving down town there were no crews out working to clear roads. Eventually I saw one man with a machete trying to cut a thick tree so he could clear a road. It is a really tragic.

situation. IMG_5844

IMG_5880 IMG_5849 IMG_5837

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