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Friday, July 3 – Down Town Cordoba

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For some reason I had pictured Cordoba being a some what tourist, uppity type place, but it was the exact opposite.  Many of the buildings were run down, abandoned and looked like they were condemned. The train station was a wreck and the number of homeless and handicapped on the streets was staggering.  The need was very great and we were able to help a lot of people. The down town center was packed and people seemed stunned that we were giving them a quality show free of charge.  DSC03001

do an Irish style dance (our family heritage is Irish) where I start playing my tin whistle. People come around me (my brothers and sisters in capes), shove into me and I drop my flute. It shatters (sound effect) and I am devastated. I choose to pick up the pieces and give my flute to the Father who fixes it and allows me to play a new song. I then tap Irish step-dance at the climax. (Probably sounds lame summed up like that, but is actually pretty theatrical and the crowds really get it.) DSC03007 DSC03015

Our lives are like a flute and we each play a different song. Sometimes things happen that we never except and can shatter our “flute”. It might be a divorce, sickness, tragic past or any number of things we face in life. Years ago I severely broke my leg and had a rod and eight screw put in. I spent a lot of time in a wheel chair and the doctors thought I would never walk normal again. I did not listen to any voices but trusted my life to the Father and so today, I dance (I think I have written my story in a past post and so will not go into it all now). It is our choice what we do after we are “shattered”. Self pity will ruin us. Pride will leave us bitter. Regret will steal our future and blaming God will leave us with no hope. Humility is the door that can bring us to a beautiful place, because God honors, and gives grace to the lowly.DSC02990 DSC03033

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