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Monday, July 6 – Prison in Rosario, Argentina Unit 3

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The prisons in Rosario were in absolutely horrible condition and over 100 years old. The day we visited it was freezing. I mean the wind chill brought the temperature into the teens. But despite this lovely weather, the prisoners wanted to come outside to the spot where we performed and did not want to leave. In consideration of them we just kept our show short and then asked them if they wanted to go back inside. They all said no way, they were fine and asked us to do more. I was able to give them each an aluminum survival blanket that someone had donated to me. They all erupted in applause when they understood what they were and that they would bring them some relief from the cold. It was the perfect thing to give them and I was so grateful to have enough to give them each one.

One guy gave us a hand made soccer ball that took him two days to make, it was a special gift. IMG_4796

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