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Government event in a Favela – June 22nd

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We met with the state wide Secretary of Culture and again, the Lord gave us favor and doors opened. During the world cup, they put on events in different Favelas to show the game and give the people a big party. Well they asked us to participate and perform at each event. They would set up a huge stage and invite crowds of up to 5000 people that we then performed for and were able to share the message of the Gospel in a creative way. These are people we could not normally reach because many of the favelas are on the sides steep mountains and very dangerous. We have to ask permission from the gang leader just to get in.

This event was very intense and looked like a scene you might imagine somewhere in Africa. Many teens were walking around with AK47s and machine guns, there were fights breaking out and just chaos everywhere. I thank God for giving my father His grace and wisdom to handle the situation. IT ended up being a phenomenal experiences and everyone was very touched by our message and for coming there to them in that environment. They loved our magic!

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