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Monday, February 23rd – Women’s Prison Argentina

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God gave us great favor with the director of all the federal prisons and he organized multiple performances in many prisons. We made a large screen which we use to project a video on behind us (remember a while ago I told you that we were working on a video with footage of the national parks, time lapse photography with the message of the “Door” and another place). We use this both as a backdrop to our performances and as a teaching tool to explain many things in a visual way. We were able to use this at most all of the prisons and it was very effective. These men and women have never seen such majesty as in the West (like Glacier National Park, Colorado, the fall in New England) and were captivated by seeing God in such beauty. We had a beautiful time in a women’s prisons and they were so grateful and moved. The director told me that he had never seen anything like it. DSC01093

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