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Monday, February 29th – Catholic based women’s prison

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The press heard about the work we are doing in the city and sent a crew to document our performance in this women prison. They were really taken with what we do and the effect it has been having. They printed articles and broadcast a program on the evening news. We are hoping this will lead to more opportunities and more open doors. My brothers do a comedy act that is just hilarious, I have seen it a thousand times and I still laugh and look forward to seeing the crowd react. In short, a “dog” steals a soccer a ball and the clown tries to get it back with a bunch of mishaps (kind of think of road runner and coyote) Part way through they reveal soccer jerseys of the local team rivalries and everybody goes nuts. Anyway, this is not something I can really describe to you but works like magic to get people to let their guard down and kind of be a kid again.

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