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Prison Northwest, Inland Brazil – January 26

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At this prison  we did three presentations, each for around 200, to 300 guys and were able to reach one entire section of the prison. The area was not ideal because there was not much space and the acoustics were a nightmare, but we figured it out:) The men here were very sad and had long sentences. It took work to get through to them, but by the time we left, we were family. There were literally no guards or staff that helped us in and out. It was like the place was abandoned except for all the prisoners crammed inside. The gang leaders ran each patio.

My sister made a magic trick that looks like a miniature prison. She shows it empty inside with nothing except steal bars. Then she makes a flower appear inside. She teaches how even in this terrible place, life can grow. In the place of our hardest suffering, God can bring something good if we yield to Him. In the “soil” of suffering, a tree can grow. WE have a poster that my brother made that shows a tree growing behind bars.

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