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Regional Prison, Southern Brazil, – March 12th

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My crazy brother really made the prisoners laugh when he climbed up this pole to get away from the angry “dog” that was chasing him in a clown routine:) There were about 250 guys all spread out along the wall, all of them were really engaged and listening to all we shared. I felt so bad for this older man who had lost one of his legs in a hit and run accident years ago. Imagine dealing with the hell of prison with one leg! We do a traditional Brazilian dance called a, “Gaucho dance”. It is a song and dance they all know where we wear beautiful skirts my mom made and the boys wear cowboy hats. They all sing the words to the song and join in the dance. It means a lot to them that we do something from their culture that they grew up doing:) We had to keep a tight schedule and as soon as we were done here, we drove 40kl to another prison and made it there just in time to enter and present.

  • Paul Reardon on

    It looks like you had an awesome time with the pole routine and the impact seems self-evident from your work. The Gaucho dance looks fun. Paul

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