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State Prison, Southern Brazil – March 12th

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I share with you a letter we just got that one of the men from inside this prison dictated to a worker to send us. He wrote it in his attempted English:) :  “This date will surely be remembered in my memory and in my heart. the day that a group of Americans who might even call them angels, have arranged to come to a penitentiary, where much of society wants to stay away, to give their personal testimony, to present themselves theatrically and to demonstrate knowledge of the culture of our state. I wanted to thank everyone without exception. I’ll introduce myself to you just by my first name. My name is Alexander, and I wanted to make you who made this day the best day of the approximately 242 days that I find myself secluded here in this Catcher’s penitentiary. You have been able to awaken in me something, that perhaps I had no more, that is hope. God has bigger plans for me. I could be writing about you several pages, but I will abbreviate my words in a simple and simple Thank you !!

*QUANDO FICAR SEM CHÃO APRENDA A VOAR* (When you are left without ground you learn to fly)

This day 03/12/2018. This date I believe to be the re-beginning of my life. Thanks, my American friends

We had to really hurry to make it to this prison after the regional prison. We had to set up quickly and only had an hour and a half, but we fit a lot it and it was awesome! The men were so into everything we did they cheered so loud my ears are still ringing! Many had tears in their eyes when we left.

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