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Running a 10k race to support a school for children with special needs – April 15th

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We had been in contact with a school for children with special needs and they asked us to run a 10k race with them that was for their benefit, so we did:) It went through the center of Asuncion and along the river. It was fun to run the event with my family even though I was not in the best shape;) After the event I asked the director if I could say a few words and he gave me the microphone:) I was able to share with the whole crowd, about 7000 runners how even in difficult times and times of suffering, God is a Father who will help us and that no matter what we have been through, we can talk to Jesus and He will be there. My mom actually took first place in her category and stood on the center podium to get her trophy! I was so proud of her and yes, cried a little;)

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