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School in poorest area in Paraguay , second presentation – April 13th

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My sister does a beautiful ballet dance where she teaches kids to reach for their dreams. She starts all wrapped up in  a black piece of cloth and then slowly unwinds into a ballerina. She explains how we all feel trapped sometimes by our own fear, by others, by circumstance, but if we can reach beyond ourselves, and reach out to our Father, we can find a dream greater than we imagine. A dream to love others and care for those in need.

Through the dance she teaches a “blind man” how to play a drum, (my dad acting), she helps a “homeless man” (my brother acting) and turns an argument into a dance (my sister and I acting). It is hard to explain it all to you, but it is a beautiful act that is very moving. At the end she chooses a few girls as volunteers and teaches them dance moves and gives them a little crown:)

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