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Saturday, January, 11th | Plaza San Victorina, Bogotá, Colombia.

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We performed at a plaza where many homeless people hang out during the day and also at a place by the railroad tracks where numerous homeless families live. Besides performing for them, we gave them all some food packets we had made up and some extra clothes we had. Obviously it would be expensive to feed so many people but it was cool, we asked a bakery on our corner if they had extra bread and they gave us a ton! A grocery store donated a bunch of candy, I had brought a bunch of beef jerky I got on sale from the States and fruit is really cheep so we were able to make a bunch of bags up.

The people on the tracks were so respectful and grateful. They walk the streets looking through the trash trying to find something edible. They are so hungry they dive into the food. Most of the homeless here actually are not lazy, and since they can’t find jobs they have come up with creative ways to make a few coins. For example, they will sweep the streets at cross walks hoping someone appreciates it, they will direct the traffic at places where its jammed up (this is actually really helpful, especially if you tip them to stop all the traffic until your taxi goes by), they will juggle or perform something at the stop lights, wash windshields, sell cardboard to use as an umbrella in the rain, or make bridges over the flooded streets and charge a toll to cross. When we stay in a city for a while, the homeless come to know us quite well and know that we will always have some little snack for them.

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