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Saturday, June 13 Crossing the Border into Argentina/Dangerous Roads

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The border between Chile and Argentina is located at the top of a pass up the Andes mountains. After we made it up the 29 curves (with a nice sign to count each one) we got in the line to cross the border. DSC02496

All the mountains were covered in snow, the lake was ice and it was freezing with the wind chill bellow zero. We kept warm with ten cent cups of coffee (which was really black watered down water). In the same window you leave Chile and enter Argentina, so it was pretty simple. The only delay is when curious, bored guards wander over and “have” to inspect something, but in this case they were cool and joked around with us. One guard looked at all our gear and equipment perfectly packed in the back of our van and straight faced tells us we have to take every single thing out and open it up. We held our breath a second until we realized he was joking.

DSC02465 DSC02501

Some of the road signs along the way can really scare the heck out of you.  Like this one which would mean: “Caution or your car will fly off a cliff and plummet into a river”. And then we come around a bend and see this semi tipped over and realize its no joke. 

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