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Wednesday, June 10 – Prison in Rancagua, Chile

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This prison was a long ways away from where we were staying and a long drive. I had come here days before by bus to get authorization and the director had welcomed us with grateful arms. We did two presentations for two groups. It was very very cold within these walls and the mountains were covered in snow. Originally we had a smaller group of around 300 men, but after the director saw what we do, he filled the gym with over 600 men. They were all very had core men and it too work, creativity and sincerity to win them plant seeds in their hearts. I do a routine of magic to an opera type song where I take an empty bag, “plant seeds” and cause “flowers to grow” out of nothing. If we can change just one thought, we can change our mind and our life. The past is what will ruin their future and we give them the message that by forgetting their past, they can find a future even within these walls. On the way home we saw the most gorgeous sunset ever I put pictures at the end of this post for you.


DSC02376 DSC02417 DSC02444

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