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School for at risk children, Luque, Paraguay – May 9th

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This school was run by the same foundation that runs the orphanage we went to. There are 900 kids here and most of them are foster kids, orphans or have been through something traumatic. We performed for about 500 of them, which, if you know kids, is A LOT of kids:) They had fun bouncing a massive ball above them as we set up and then all set down and were very respectful and well behaved. We taught them many things to help them and comfort them in all their suffering.

We wrote a children’s story about a giant frog who feels all alone and wants to give up. Thought the story we communicate the hope of the Gospel and teach to not give up, but that God the Father wants us and loves us. We gave each child one at the end along with a bracelet we make as we travel so they can have a memory of the day and all we shared. (It takes a long time to make 500 bracelets :)).

So many of the older kids wanted to participate when we have them stand up and read a famous quote about leadership. This one young lady took the microphone, stepped forward and read bold and loud, it was so beautiful to see. At the end a lot of the kids joint with us in a participation dance.

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