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Orphanage – Luque, Paraguay – May 4th

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Most of us weren’t feeling good this morning and we’re really tired. We thought about canceling, but there was no way we could let these kids down:) It was a smaller group but, wow, they were so precious! It just breaks your heart to see the pain and sadness in their eyes and know they have seen things and gone through things well beyond their years.

At one point in our show, in the middle of a clown act where my brother is crying because he has no one to celebrate his birthday, all the kids came up to him to hug him. It is a funny act and usually everyone is laughing, but it was touching to see all these kids identify with him acting sad and lonely and want to comfort him. Each child was so desperate for love and attention and desperately wanted to participate in everything.

I just wanted to keep holding them and not let them go. Many of these children have lost their parents, and many were given away when their parents decided they could not afford them or did not want them. I can’t imagine a more tragic reality then realizing your parents gave you away. The director explained to us how hard it is when she realizes that their parents are not coming back and she has to try to tell the children. She told us that she tries to put it off as long as possible before she explains to them that this orphanage is now their home. She said many of the kids, especially the older ones, just loose it and will try to run away, break things and just cry. It takes a while for them to adjust to this home. It was such a privilege to give them some seeds of hope and tell them that they always have a Father who wants them, and loves them.

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