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School in poorest area in Paraguay – April 13th

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This school was in the poorest area in all of Paraguay. Maybe you saw a while back there was a 60 min episode about a school that built musical instruments out of trash. Well that was here. There is a massive pile of trash where all the people savage through to try to find things they can use or sell. This whole are is one of the poorest saddest places I have seen. There were 600 kids here so we did two presentations, one in the morning and one in the evening. Of course many of the kids never left, so we were playing with kids for some 8 hours:) Yes, we were dead!

The director explained to me that many of these children practically live here at the school, because there “homes” are nothing more than muddy shacks. They have nothing to eat at home and if they have parents, their parents are in the center trying to work so they have no one to go home to. All the little kids wanted to be picked up and all the older kids wanted hugs and attention.

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