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Seoul Korea, – Massive gathering of crowds- November 12th

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There was a massive protest going on to impeach the president (who is now impeached). It was a gathering of a few million people. We found a spot up on a pick up truck where we could get above the people to share with the crowds and hand out a lot of flyers. Preparing for this trip we made beautiful color pictures and wrote a message containing the hope and forgiveness of the Gospel. After a lot of time and work, we were able to translate them into Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and Tagalog. It was very difficult for a number of reasons. The letters,  to our eye, are just unrecognizable symbols and every space and order of the letters completely changes the meaning. Words and terms we are familiar with growing up in a Christian culture, do not exist in theirs. Conformity and being the same is a way of life here, so when we stood for something different, many were taken by our courage.



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