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Travling to Manila, Philippines

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We left early Sunday morning and flew to the Philippines. Talk about a different culture! From the perfectly clean and quiet streets of Seoul, to the third world, dirty noisy streets of Manila.

They used side cars attached to motorcycles for taxis. The traffic was so bad everywhere, like complete grid lock, if you wanted to get anywhere one of these things was the fastest (all though not the safest…or cleanest..). The price and speed depended on how many people the driver could cram on (one fat guy and your in trouble:)). A taxi driver we had cracked us up telling us that unless he had “two barrels of patience” each day, he would end up smacking someone.
In general everything was very cheep in Manilla, especially the food so that was great. It cost 8 cents to take a Jeepy which was an extended Jeep used as a bus. I thought it was interesting that all though most of these jeeps were the exact same size, the “Maximum Passenger Capacity” sign on the backs of them were all different. Some said, “Capacity 19” while some said “Capacity 30”. So I guess some drivers figured out how to cram in an extra TEN passengers? Or allowed more to hang out the back…or maybe sit on the roof:). And then does passenger 29 really count out all the passengers already sitting to make sure he will fit?

What exactly are they checking for here in this picture? Safety? “Ok you are piled high with massive boxes, three bikes and a bunch of random stuff all held on with ONE piece of string, looks good, hit the road. “

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