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September and October 2015 New York/ Philadelphia

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We returned to the Sates in August to take care of some things and replenish our supplies. We took a few months to work on the streets of New York, Denver Detroit and Philadelphia. Sometimes we found favor with managers at fast food chains such as Taco bell, Wendy’s and dominoes and were able to get food discounted, or buy some and have them match what we bought. We were able to take a lot of hot meals to people that really needed it along with some kits containing sanitary items for them. So many tragic stories. So many veterans and handicapped people. Even just taking the time to ask someone their name, put a hand on their shoulder or talk to them, can give someone¬†a little hope that they do exist and matter. One seed of the Fathers enormous love, can grow into the largest tree.

man-sleeping-on-street talking-to-the-homeless

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