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Special event for children of the Favelas, Brazil – July 8th

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This was a very special event called, “Day of Dreams”. A catholic foundation organized a huge festival for 1,500 poor children from different favelas throughout the state. They chose 1,500 volunteers, one for each child, and paired them up so each child got special attention and care. They asked us to do two performances, one for the volunteers before the children arrived, and another one for all 3,000 people at the close of the event. It was an awesome day!

At our first performance we did things to pep up and inspire the volunteers to really love the kids and leave it all out there. As we were setting up, we noticed some of the volunteers were consumed with their cell phones and taking selfies. We did a little funny act to address this and encourage them that today was about loving someone else. We do a magic/dance routine where we “throw” a little red scarf to each other (by making it disappear and reappear) to a cool hip hop song. We use the red scarf to say that each of us have the mage to love in our fingers and we can give it to others. Hard to write out but it was really cool and met with a loud round of applause.

Our second performance was also really good. We brought a number of the kids up on stage to participate in dance and magic and it meant the world to them.

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