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Juvenile detention center outside the city, Brazil – July9th

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This juvenile detention centers was in a northern city and took a while to find but so worth it. We did two presentations for two groups. My brother designed and printed a number of different large posters that we use as teaching tools to help give the kids visual, practical things to help them. We use the idea of a car to parallel with their life. There are a lot of analogies we take from that such as steering your life, breaking (saying no and stopping bad choices), putting it in gear (starting to think and engage your mind) ecs.

We use another poster to explain the idea of the difference between logic, and emotion. If we make designs based on our emotions, (hurt, revenge..) we can make bad choices. But if we think about things logically, and take a step back from a situation, we can prevent ¬†terrible consequences. We use volunteers and act out a transaction where we have a “package of drugs” and ask them how much money they would deliver that package for. Once they say a number and we play act the situation, we then take out a picture of a horrible prison here and ask them how much they would pay to get out of that prison. It hits them that there is no amount of money worth risking their lives for. We get them to think about their life, their future and that one with one bad choice they could end up in a prison or a graveyard. It is amazing to see these “bad” kids really listen.

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