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Thursday, July 16 – Traveling through Brazil

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The most southern state in Brazil is cowboy land, or as they are called, Gauchos and they take their culture very seriously. The land is beautiful, full of livestock, horses and ranchers. They have a cool cultural dance (which we hope to learn a little of) and are definitely a very distinct and passionate people.

 One night as we traveled it was getting late and we were looking for a place to stay. After only finding places that were either really  bad, or too expensive, we finally came to a ranch type hostal. The owner was a very kind, elderly rancher and gave us accommodations at a discounted price. He had a slight speech stutter which made understanding his portuguese even harder, but he was so very patient and quick to smile that we got along with him easily. He lit a fire in the hall and we all warmed up before heading to bed. It is as if passion is written in the very language of and Brazilians do everything, including speaking, at a very high level of energy and you have to really work to keep up.

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