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Wednesday, July 15 – Crossing into Brazil

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Crossing the border into Brazil was super easy! Usually you have to go through one process for people to enter and then another for a vehicle and another for the trailer and usually along the way you run into technical difficulties (that could delay you anywhere from an hour to a day). But entering into Brazil they did not need any paperwork or documentation for the van or our trailer which was awesome and saved so much time. We started this drive so many miles ago in Colombia and after coming so far I cannot believe we are in Brazil! It is hard to switch our minds from Spanish to Portuguese and right now we only speak at a basic level. A lot of words are similar in the two languages, but not pronounced the same and many words exist in both languages but mean completely different things. I think the more we get Spanish out of our heads, and absorb ourselves with Portuguese the easier it will get and hopefully until then I will not get into too much trouble.


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