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Tokyo, Japan – Largest fish market and China town – November 23rd

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We split up and visited the largest fish market in the country and also the largest China town (I guess there are a lot of “largest” in Japan:)) We talked to so many from all walks of life.

A simple phrase I learned in each language was, “Don’t give up!” I would say it over and over to the crowds on the streets and when we performed. I would see it lift peoples countenance and even make them smile. Sometime, when you see someone who is down, try it, tell them not to give up, lift them up. Kindness is like a strong medicine that sadly is so rare today. If God Himself is “kind to the ungrateful (Lk.6:35)” How much more should we be. A little kindness can go so far to pulling someone back from the edge of despair. I notice that even as I serve as a waitress at the restaurants where I work, I can change peoples demeanors just by being genuinely kind to them. Sometimes I can tell that perhaps a couple had a fight, a father is trying to bond with his kids, or someone is having a tough day. I notice that bringing kindness to their table can bring them all together and lift them up. Just think about this power that you and I have! You can really change someone else and help lift the burden of life from their shoulders.

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