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Tokyo, Japan city outskirts – Climbing Mount Takoa – November 24th

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We woke up to an earthquake that shook the apartment where we were staying. There were aftershocks the next two days. The earth quake delayed a number of trains throughout the city making the already crammed metros even more crammed(you wouldn’t think that was possible but it was:)) There was also a heavy snow storm the last day we were there. It was the first time it had snowed this early in 50 something years. It was so pretty and magical! I loved it.

One morning we squeezed in a hike up a nearby mountain. You could see Mount Fuji from there all though the morning we went up it was too cloudy to see much. It was very busy with streams of tourist coming up to get away and was a great spot to reach people from the outside of the city and give out many flyers and some Bibles.]

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