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Tokyo, Japan – Performing down town – November 24th

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Thanksgiving today and I am so grateful to be here!!

We performed on the streets, parks and subway stops. It was really cool to use laughter as a way to break through their wall and find a crack in their armor. In one act we depict a child playing with a ball. Eventually the ball is stollen away and he is given a heavy burden instead (such is life as we loose our innocence and take on the world). In the end someone depicting our Lord, takes back the burden and gives him back the ball (just summing it up, long skit short). In it we throw the ball to the crowd to engage them and it was amazing to see how quickly everyone just wanted to play. In an instant, business men in suits would set down their brief cases and want to catch the ball. I was so surprised. The peer pressure to be cool and the same, was so strong it kept everyone almost robotic. For the most part, they considered being and thinking as an individual a bad thing. But right behind the image of “cool and together” a part of us just wants to be a child again, and play.

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