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Trip to a Prison in Belo Horizante – February 24th

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We took a bus 8 hours to the city of Belo Horizante. They asked us to visit a prison there and even though it was so far, it was a special case with a lot of guys and a special situation. Plus we were able to reach a gathering of over 2 million people down town and have an effect on the whole city. We slept on the bus there and back which saved us having to get a motel:)

The guys at the prison were so touched that we came to them, some had remembered us from our last trip to other prisons in this city. One guy at the end named Christian, told me he had been in prison for 20 years and had never seen anything like our show. He said for the first time he understood the Gospel and found hope. He was in tears when we said good bye.

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