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Tuesday, February 23rd – Construction project inside a prison

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With some calculations, planning and letters, my family and I were able to get the authorization and the supplies to install the plumbing for a number of patios. My father and brother are construction minded so we were able to come up with a practical way to repair the situation. MY whole family worked on this project along side some of the prisoners and guards. It took a number of trips just to get all the piping from the hardware store to this way out in the middle of nowhere prison.

This prison had no septic system and raw sewage emptied into the court yard where the men were allowed to exercise. The smell was unbearable and carried up into all the cells. All that was needed to solve this situation was the installation of piping from one drain to another. Some of the prison staff had tried to get funding for this but because prisoners are least important in the governments eyes, and because they claimed reasons like security issues if the pipes were installed, the job was never done and the men suffered greatly.

We taught a few of the prisoners how to do it and left them with supplies to do the rest.  We used a pressure washer to clean all the walls and floor. The smell was horrible and it was a really gross job, but by the time we were done the smell was basically gone and the situation was ten times better. The men were so grateful.

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