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Tuesday, May 13th – Homes for the elderly, outside the Santiago city limit.

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We set up our equipment and then helped push all the wheelchairs of the elderly down a ramp from upstairs to outside. It took a while to get them all together and help the nuns since they had to be moved very slowly. The nun told us that out of all the people here, only ten of them have someone that comes to visit them and they were so excited for this special attention and getting their own personal “circus”.

One lady told me she had been moved from another home after the floor collapsed because it was so old. She told me she had always wanted to travel and her eyes welled up with tears as she realized that would never happen. It was so beautiful to see men and women in their eighties and nineties laughing like eight year olds at our clown acts and then also really listening as we told them to talk to Jesus. The head nun later made a video of our time with them and put it on u tube: After we helped return the folks to their rooms, we had to make it to the other home and set up there as well.

Second home for the elderly, about 5 miles from the first.

(Yes all three of these events were on the same looong day)

It gets pretty exhausting hauling in and out all out equipment and I thank God for His grace. At this home the people were much worse off and many were barely coherent. One lady was 109 years old!  We mostly just talked with them, loved them, and my mom sang to them. We visited them with our frog costume and they like touching his soft fur. I gave this one old man a little stuffed animal of an otter and when he held it he laughed so hard it made me laugh as well. There is a flea market close to where we live every Saturday and we were able to get some scarves and hats for the elderly and some little stuffed animals for the kids without spending to much as well as candy and other little prizes.

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