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Wednesday, April 2nd 2014 Prison in Caio, Peru

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We were not able to get the authorization to perform in this prison in the time frame we had, so my sisters and I went to visit on the day they allow women to visit. We had to wait in a long line and go through a tun of security and check points. They stamp your arm with a number and that’s the place you get in line. We were 217 out of like 600 so not that bad. You have to know someone on the inside and be visiting them to get in. Since we did not know anyone inside, we just put down a random name and hoped they would not check and they did not. Most of the guards look for bribes to allow people to bring stuff in but we got by ok.

We were able to bring in a bunch of reading material, Gospels of John, photographs to put up on their walls, some candy and playing cards. Once we got inside they just let us go wherever we wanted to, going from one patio to another visiting the men who had no one to visit them and also sharing with the families as they visited together. One patio we went into had 600 men in it and none of them had visitors who came to see them. They insisted they “clean” up the patio before they let us in and then gave us their full attention. I gulped when I saw all their faces staring at me but once I started sharing with them I felt like I could not say enough and it was just such a great privilege.

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