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Friday, April 4th – Village for Orphans, Lima Peru

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There were around 200 children at this village, most have had a very tragic past and been through horrible things, like seeing their parents killed, to being given or taken away from them because of abuse. It breaks your heart looking into some of these children’s eyes and seeing such a deep sadness and hurt that you know they have been through something tragic, something far beyond their years. They want to be held and hugged and listened to and tickled and told that everything is going to be ok. We have some really cool costumes that a company in the States donated to us and we use these costumes to tell stories to the kids. Through a story we can communicate values and ideas that will help them and comfort them.

We tell stories about seeds that become flowers and a treasure that is found inside each of them and how they can care about each other and give each other a smile and laughter. We choose volunteers to participate in our acts of magic and theater and so the kids get to feel like they are on center stage. After my we did the dance with the caterpillar becoming a butterfly, we chose a little girl to go into the cocoon and come out with wings on as lots of other little girls and boys danced with wings around her. We had a dance competition and it was so cool seeing these little peanuts break out their moves. We had some balls, hula hoops and candy to use as prizes. To think Jesus Himself said the Kingdom belongs to them.

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