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Wednesday, July 22 – Central Prison, Southern Brazil, Second Presentation

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After our first performance in the morning, we then moved all our equipment to another section of the prison to go directly into a patio. There was this one gate you had to go through, (kind of like a turning door that you go through at a bank or certain stores, the kind only one person fits in and you have to keep walking to get out except this one was really narrow and made of bars) anyway, we had a hard time fitting our speaker through it and it took a good 20 min to finally figure out the right angle.

It was visiting day for this group and so they had their sons and daughters with them. It is really heartbreaking to see some of these broken families and to see the kids say goodbye to their dads when they have to leave. We were able to bring some laughter to everyone including the little ones and the men were happy that we did magic, they felt like they were giving it to their kids. They told us they have never had this before. One young  man really thanked us and said he was just laying on his mattress wasting away another day and now we came and changed his mind. Another man said he just could not believe how in such a short time we completely changed his thinking about so many things and gave him another perspective.

They had a huge cake there for the kids and the prisoner that cooked it insisted on giving us a piece, I felt a bit nausea after dancing and putting out so much energy and declined, until I saw how disappointed he was. And then, after I finished the large piece he gave me I made the mistake of telling him that it was really good and ended up with another huge piece (of wet, milky funny tasting cake with unidentified berries in it). Luckily I found a sweet little boy who was thrilled to have two pieces.

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