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Community Event in Central Favela, Sao Joao, Brazil – Saturday July 21st

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This was a special event at a park in a favela. The lady who organized it invited different small foundations and schools for disabled, special needs and elderly people. There were a lot of kids so we did all of our magic routines, played a cool game with a giant ball and used our costumes and puppets. In one of the magic routines, I start by playing with a jump rope by myself, my brother is playing the song “Fragile by Sting on his guitar. I then stop jumping rope and say that I am so sad, I feel like I can’t be a child, my life is hard, no one cares and lines like this to identify with their suffering and pain. I then cut the jump rope in half a throw it aside, as if giving up on being a child. Then my father comes out, makes me laugh and helps me realize that I can always be a child. He is conveying our heavenly Father and that no matter what we go through, there is hope. We have a beautiful poster of Jesus laughing that a prisoners once drew for us that we put up behind us during this act. Later, in the magic routine I magically put the cut jump rope back together and continue to play as a child (long skit short:) there are clowns and other tricks through the act and we perform it to the Cirque song, “Algeria”) The act really touches people and I have seen people in tears.

After our performance, many people came up to thank us and talk. I let this old lady in a wheel chair hold my bunny and she just broke down crying as she stroked its fur so softly. A little boy with down syndrome was so excited to hold Gracie( the bunny:)) as well.

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