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Juvenile Detention Center, Double Presentations, Sao Joao – July 20th

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I perform Irish step dance and before I start I show an Xray of my leg which I broke a few years ago. I have a rod and 8 screws in my leg and spent time in a wheel chair. I share how we each have an “X-ray”, we each have scars, some on our body, some on our mind or heart. I then show an Xray of a hand with a nail in it and share how Jesus suffered and bore our pain. He knows what we are going through and can heal us. Afterward I put the X-ray of my leg down and dance Irish step dance over it. All the guys starting clapping to the beat while I danced and many were in tears while I talked. It was a beautiful moment.

As the guys left it was they all wanted a hug which was so cool coming from these “bad” hard kids. I have a rabbit that I use in a magic trick (which draws gasps of surprise:), and at the end all these tough guys wanted to hold or touch the bunny. Inside we are all children.

This center was in a very poor city far from the center. The surrounding area looked like somewhere you would see in Africa or Hati. All shacks, trash, muddy flooded areas and just absolute hopelessness. The area where we performed was a cool theater that was air-conditioned and they had nice seat for all the kids to sit in. After our first few acts the kids were all with us and like our family. So many of them were in bandages and had scars from bullets, knives and accidents they had been in.


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