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Crossing the Peruvian Border – There are a lot of dogs in the world!

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Crossing the border into Peru was actually pretty easy except that where you are supposed to check out of Ecuador was not marked so when we got to the Peruvian side, they sent us back to Ecuador a few miles to check out. No one knew where the office was, which seems weird, but eventually we found it. A few days earlier they had confiscated four semi trucks full of fish because of some document problem, so I’ll just let you imagine the wonderful smell that loomed in the air as we waited for everything to get cleared in 100 degree temperature.  It was a gulp seeing the sign that said; “800 miles to Lima” when we knew how bad the roads were going to be and that we could only travel at a slow speed.

Good sleep is really hard to come by down here. From all my travels to over 45 countries, experiencing so many things, I have learned THERE ARE A LOT OF DOGS IN THE WORLD! No matter where we go, there are dogs. Lots and lots of barking, yelping dogs, as well as traffic, disco bars, loud music and just things that you would never think of that have the ability to ruin your night. When we look for places to put our tent up, we try to find out if it is going to at least be a little quite with questions like, “How many dogs do you own sir?” After we crossed the border we were dead exhausted and saw a nice little slab of earth behind a motel where we hoped they would let us put up our tent. I could not keep from laughing as a yelled to my brother, “Ask him if the monkeys get very loud”. Not kidding, there was a little cage with monkeys next to some toucans, pigs and of course roosters. That would have been a sweet little sound at three in the morning.

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