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Thursday, February 13th -Down town Quito, Ecuador

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This city was an absolute nightmare to drive around. I think the only other place I have seen roads this steep was in a Doctor Sues book. Everything is one way and the traffic is so bad if you miss a turn you are in for a good hour to get back there. After some slightly stressful driving, we found a busy plaza down town where were got permission to perform for the day.

There was a live radio broadcast going on so we had to wait for them to finish, but they asked us to speak on the radio and so my dad (through translation by my brother) shared our whole message on live radio while we set up!

As soon as we turned on our music a huge crowd gathered and stayed for hours. The Ecuadorians are very different than the Colombians, more guarded and it took work to show them that we were not some “church” here to ask them for money, but rather wanted to help them.

When I was speaking with the crowd before I danced my Irish dance, I called attention to a man in a wheel chair and told him that I knew how hard it was being in a wheel chair. I encouraged him and asked the crowd to remember those that are handicapped and in wheelchairs. After our presentation he came up and gave me a huge hug. He explained he had been in the wheel chair 14 years after being hit by a car and paralyzed from the waist down. His name is Gonzales.


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