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Saturday, February 15th – A little fishing town just inside Ecuador on the way to the Peruvian Border.

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As we drove through Ecuador we passed a small fishing town that was just bustling with people since it was a holiday. We pulled over and set up our equipment in a parking lot where I guy was selling crabs, chickens and fish (nice smell in the sweltering heat). In a matter of minuets, a crowd gathered and was cheering, clapping and participating. A national tv crew was in the area and when they heard we were there filmed our whole presentation, interviewed us to broadcast on the nightly news. The reporter said it personally touched her to hear us talk about God’s forgiveness.

Another young man in the crowd told me he had been abandoned by his parents after birth and had had no one who wanted him growing up. He found hope in hearing us share that God wants to be a Father to him. One guy asked for the microphone just to thank us and tell us that they feel so lost in this little town and forgotten and it meant a lot we would come there. Our shirts were literally soaked with sweat when we were done from dancing full out in the sun. They bought us water and crowded around the van saying goodbye as we drove away.

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