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Traveling through Peru.

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For some reason when I had thought about Peru, I had pictured jungles and green terrain. Not even close. It’s all desert. As far as you can see nothing but sand, I mean not a single structure for hundreds of miles (not a good place to play “I spy”). At one point along the journey in the middle of nowhere, our alternator broke. It’s a long story but God Almighty provided a new one for us in a tiny town on a Sunday!

There were signs along the way as we traveled that said things like, “Zone of fog”, as we just spent an hour passing through fog. The next, “Zone of sandstorms”, and we notice the strong wind pushing the sand all over the road and pelting it across the windshield. The next sign said, “Zone of land slides” followed by “Zone of falling rocks” and then “Zone of dangerous curves and declines” and then “Zone of narrow tunnels”. I am not exaggerating; all these were within maybe a ten to twenty mile stretch! But it was this sign that was especially alarming, “Zone of Military- Danger of Explosions”. After so much stress, we couldn’t help but crack up at this one, until we actually heard loud explosions behind us, then we floored it. ” 19 (2)

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