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Friday, February 28th – Plaza San Pedro, Down town Lima

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We do a choreographed dance where we use torches lit on fire. As I was in the back preparing the fire, someone in the crowd knocked over the container of fuel and I did not see it happen. When my brother came back to light his torch, the ground ignited and fire began to jump all over. It was terrifying. In an instant it began to spread and jump to our equipment.

Thanks be to God our beloved Father, who protected us and enabled us to put it all out without suffering significant loss or injury. My hair caught on fire but I was able to put it out quickly so not too big of a deal. I burned my hand and some of our costumes, props and musical equipment was damaged, but nothing irreplaceable. My dad stomped it out and when I looked at how burned his pant leg was, I thought he would have serious burns, but miraculously he did not. Once we got everything under control and assured the concerned crowd that everything was ok, we were able to continue and have a wonderful and effective night despite all being very shook up (especially my mom).

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