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Sunday, March, 9th – A park on the far limits of Lima in the poorest district.

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The director of all the parks in Peru heard about what we do and that we don’t charge and so asked us to visit certain parks in poor areas and attend certain events he had organized. On our way to this park we stopped at a little village and bought a bunch of balls, candy, hullo hoops and toys. The guy that sold them to us gave us a cheep price because we told him we were giving them away and he was thrilled to make such a big sale when he usually sells like one thing a day, so he was happy, we were happy and the kids that got all these prizes were happy.

We performed on a stage and all the families that attended were very poor people that were thrilled to get to see a mini “circus” for free. A number of the children had Down syndrome or were autistic. I can only imagine how hard it must be for their parents who live way out in a hut in the desert.

One of our puppets is a cute little monkey that they just loved to pet. We do a dance where we each pick a partner to dance with. A young man with Down syndrome was one of the first to volunteer and dance with us and I danced with a lady who had deformed legs and could barely walk. She really wanted to try to dance and I helped carry so she felt like she was dancing.

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